Friday, May 21, 2010

Currently on Display

Want to see how 3B displays his action figures? Read on to find out in the first edition of "Currently on Display"!

You'll notice the championship belt hanging on the wall to the right, a recent acquisition that takes me back to the glory days of WWF(E), the "Attitude" era. I've started to watch again recently, but my work schedule makes it very difficult to follow their weekly shows.

On the top shelf, I have a MotU Classics dispaly.

On the bottom shelf, my WWE Elite collection.

In the living room is my main display area. The top shelf allows for a large number of figures. On the second shelf from the top are mainly my wife's books, which still leave room for random figures. In the middle shelf I keep my graphic novels and TPBs. The lower shelves house my comic card collections and other books.

Here I went with a Superman/New Gods theme:

Avatar Movie Masters Jake & Neytiri:

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