Thursday, June 3, 2010

DC Universe Classics, Wonder Woman - Custom

A couple of days ago I stopped at Toys R Us on my way to work hoping to find the reissued Green Lantern 2pk and WWE Beth Phoenix or Mickie James. I found the 2pk and Mickie James. She was cool and all, but I was curious to see her muscular arms on a DCUC figure that was in desperate need of some big guns...

I normally don't buy brand new figures just for customizing, but I couldn't help trying Mickie's arms on my DCUC Wonder Woman. So I popped a bowl of water in the microwave and proceeded to remove their upper body appendages using the "boil & pop" method. After replacing the arms on WW, I could care less about Mickie James. There's an obvious difference in the skin tone, but I decided she looked to cool not to take advantage. I don't have a lot of experience customizing and even less painting skin tones, so the only paint I added was silver for her bracelets (I don't do sculpting, either...yet).

It turned out to be a simple recipe that worked out nicely and she looks so much better on display now (new edition of "Currently on Display" coming soon!).

DCUC Wonder Woman
WWE Basic 3 Mickie James (arms)
Model Master Silver Acryl

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