Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stinger Shots: Harvey Dent & Two-Face

Today's portraits feature two figures from The Dark Knight Movie Masters line. These were initially going to be MattyCollector exclusives, but later it was announced that Toys R Us would also offer them at retail. I managed to find both at my local TRUs last month.

Harvey Dent, Gotham's White Knight

I'm pleased with the releases, except the lack of accessories. Both of these came packaged with 1:1 scale two-headed coins (one side is scarred on TF's coin), but the figures themselves are left empty-handed. I looked through my parts bin for a revolver similar to the one Harvey carries in the movie, but no such luck. The best I could find for him was a 1911-type handgun that came with Ultimate WWII Captain America from Hasbro's Marvel Legends two-pack and that's what I have him holding on my display shelf. Maybe it's in my subconscious after watching Batman Forever, but I feel Two-Face should carry a large handgun. Coincidentally, I like to pose my DCUC Face with the Ultimate Cap's Thompson machine gun. That 2-pack just keeps on giving!
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