Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stinger Shots: Alpha Lantern Boodikka

I recently traveled to magical place here in South Florida. A comic/specialty store with everything a comic book/action figure/genre statue enthusiast could ever hope for. This magical place is called Tate's Comics in Lauderhill, FL, and among all the awesome stuff you never see at regular retail stores, I picked up this beauty...

Alpha Lantern Boodikka from DC Direct's Blackest Night line.

Features a removeable faceplate.

You can't beat the detailing on DC Direct's sculpts.
I haven't read Blackest Night, yet, but I guess something happens with the Alpha Lanterns, specifically:

The Alpha Lanterns have a direct link to the central power battery and are fused with a second battery:

Here's a side by side comparison with DCUC Hal:

The metallic green matches up nicely with the green on the TRU exclusive Hal.

Even if Mattel never makes an Alpha Lantern Boodikka figure, this one fits in nicely with the rest of the DCUC lanterns.

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