Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hive News: More New Stuff!

Holy cow! It was a great toy haul earlier today, er... I mean yesterday (it's already past midnight?!). Lots of new addtions to on-going lines, a line I just recently delve into and a line I hadn't touched.

Here's a break down by store:

Toys R Us
WWE Legends
Dusty Rhodes
Ricky Steamboat

K-Mart (seriously!)
Iron Man 2 Comic Series
Crimson Dynamo
Titanium Man
Hulkbuster Iron Man

WWE Elite Big Show
UFC Brock Lesnar

I just finished the write up for that last figure and can't wait to post it as soon as I get the photos done. It's been a busy day for me and with San Diego Comic Con just over a week away, it seems it's going to be busy the rest of the month. No, I'm not attending (sadly), but in celebration of the biggest geek event of the year, I'll be reviewing two SDCC exclusives from my collection starting on Monday.

Stay tuned!
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