Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hive News: UFC 116, 4th of July, Upcoming reviews

Happy Independence Day America! Hope everyone one is enjoying the holiday and celebrating the freedom we enjoy in our great country. Plus, fireworks are really cool! Just don't try blowing up any fruit. Fingers come off surprisingly easy!

Last night was UFC 116, which I was happily able to watch. Several great fights yesterday and the co-main events did not disappoint. Brock Lesnar made his comeback after a near career-ending, nigh, near LIFE-ending illness to retain the UFC Heavyweight championship against Shane Carwin. Carwin gave him a run for his money, though, dishing out a severe beatdown on Brock like his never had. But Lesnar was able to endure the punishment and took advantage of a punched-out Carwin using a side arm triangle choke, forcing Shane to tap-out.

I don't collect Jakks' hideous UFC figures, but I've been really close to picking up a Lesnar figure on several occasions since they debuted. Want I really want is Mattel to make a Brock figure in the WWE Legends line. I don't know what the legalities of that are, but I hope Mattel and WWE can make it happen.

Later this week I'll be posting my review of WWE Legends Stone Cold Steve Austin and another review that left me truly disappointed in Shocker Toys' Indie Spotlight series.

Plus... new comics! Don't buzz off!
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