Friday, November 5, 2010

Hive News: November is here!

Hi, everybody! Just checking to let you know I'm still alive and to tell you about new stuff coming down the 'pike. It's been really busy outside of the Hive lately, so I'm trying to get back into a schedule of doing write-ups and my favorite, comics! But it hasn't been easy. Also, I've been on several toy hunts lately thanks to Kmart's recent sale on DCUC figures and a massive sale last weekend at one of South Florida's largest comic/specialty shops, Tate's, which is a good 45min drive from where I live.

Thanks to Kmart's great $7.75 sale on all DCUC figures last week, I was able to complete wave 14 with Blue Devil, Donna Troy (who I previously REFUSED to buy @ $15), Superboy, Blue Beetle III, and Cyclotron, completing the C&C figure, Trigon in the process since I already had both versions of Cheetah and the standard Negative Man.

In wave 15 news, I only preordered Sinestro Corps: Batman and Martian Manhunter from Amazon back in June, I believe. Coincidentally, I received both the week before Kmart's sale. I'm happy to report I received the standard MM and he had the correct arms, not one of the QC plagued figures with the skinny, non-veiny biceps. Now I had no intentions of completing Validus (I don't even know who he is!), but upon combining the pieces from SC Batman & MM (torso and head/waist respectively), I thought he was really bad ass. So I waited for the Kmart sale to begin, but was only able to find OMAC and Golden Pharoah. You don't need Pharoah to complete Validus, but since he was on sale and is one of those wacky looking characters, I didn't pass him up. So I'm still in need of Raven, Starman (classic, I don't dig the modern one) and Jemm (with rock star powers!).

During Halloween weekend, Tate's sets up a huge tent in the parking lot of their shop, with a huge sale on comic back issues, statues, Anime DVDs, CDs and our favorite, toys! You can find plastic bins full of some older stuff, not "vintage" old, but stuff released in the past couple of years. I scored Amazo from DC Direct's Justice League of America line, and two versions of "Bossman" from the Happy Worker toy line (he will be integrated into future comics!). I picked up all three of those for $10! And all of them were brand-new, in package, too! Inside the store, everything was 10% off. I only bought Nekron from DCD's Blackest Night, because the thing is awesome.

I hope to cover most of these new acquisitions soon, so stay tuned!

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