Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Worker, Bossman - Review

There are "Adult Collector" figures and then there are figures for adult collectors because while any kid would love to get their hands on a DCUC Superman or Batman, not many would pass those up for a figure of a gray-haired man in a business suit. But to a collector in his late 20's, this figure is a must-have for ANY collection! It's Happy Worker's Bossman!

Happy Worker
6" Scale
Approx $15

I'm sorry to say I don't quite remember where I first saw this guy other than it was in a toy comic or picture on a website. May have been AD or the like, but I was curious to find one. Luckily I happened upon one at Tate's in Sunrise, FL where they also had linemates, Geekman and Moneyman. Of course, at $14.99 a pop, I wasn't exactly in a rush to buy them. Fast forward a few months to October and the big Halloween sale Tate's had. I was able to score both version of Bossman and DC Direct Amazo all for $10.00 plus tax. What a deal!

Bossman features loads of "real-life" accessories, plus three swappable face plates each with a different expression: happy, angry and serious. The second, "exclusive", figure features the same accessories and face plates, the only differences being the happy and angry faces are repainted in clown and devil make-up, respectively.

The faces are easy to swap out, just pull up under the chin and the face pops off. Installing the face is a similar, but reversed process. You place the top of the face just under his hair line and then push.

Bossman's articulation leaves a bit to be desired, then again, it's a guy in a business suit, he doesn't really have many "action" poses to begin with. There's a ball-joint in the neck (restricted by his hair and face), swivel/hinge shoulders, hinges at the elbows and knees, and swivels at the waist, wrists and hips. The shoulders move well, as do the elbows and hands, but the overhang of the jacket obscures the waist and hip movement.

The accessories are mostly comical, playing up to various "boss" cliches. Some of the pieces are difficult to use due to the limited articulation, but you can more or less achieve a pose that makes sense for each accessory. The megaphone pictured above let's him properly motivate his subordinates.

An "Annual Report" gives him all the information he needs to know. There's also a plaque celebrating his many accomplishments.

Every boss needs a cell phone for "business purposes", not like us slobs who use them for nonsense like updating our Facebook pages.

And after a long day's work, the Bossman can puff on a stogie to help him relax. Bossman fits in with most collector lines, considering most are in the 6" scale, and he's about the height of a DCUC figure. I was planning to stick a Lex Luthor head on the extra Bossman body and have a "President Lex" figure for my DCUC display. Haven't tried it, yet, though. Boss looks about the size of an average person when placed next to Mattel's WWE figures making him a good fit for a manager or corporate type (fancy that) in the wrestling biz.

Check out Happy Worker's website for more information on the line and their custom toys.
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