Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WWE Rumblers, Triple H & Shawn Michaels - Review

Most of the focus on the Hive goes to 6-7" inch action figures, but every now-and-then I like to try out something different. Today I'm taking a look at some figures that are mainly targeted at small children, but are proving quite popular with "Adult Collectors" as well. I'm referring to the 2.25", semi-articulated action figures that can be found pretty much everywhere. For review today are two figures from Mattel's WWE Rumblers, Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Triple H & Shawn Michaels
WWE Rumblers Two-packs
Mattel/ 2.25" Scale
Approx $6.99

Admittedly, I had no interest in this type of toy. Even as a small child, I hated "figurines" with no articulation. But the popularity of these and there omni-presence pursuaded me to try them out. I chose this pack because it included my favorite WWE Superstar and another who is now a Legend. The figures come in two-packs, usually paired as enemies or Superstars who regularly team-up. The Rumblers packaging keeps the familiar hourglass-shaped bubble from Mattel's other WWE lines. It's a simple blister card, but is specific to each set. The backside of the card serves as an advertisement for the rest of the line.

For the most part, each figure is sculpted in a static pose with a couple of cut joints throughout. Triple H features four points of articulation, all swivels, at the neck, shoulders and waist. HBK swivels at his shoulders and waist.

If you can't tell by now, these are sculpted to be very caricature like and, by definition, are exaggerated versions of the Superstars. Triple H receives a bulky sculpt and details like the wrist tape, knee pads, and boots are raised. One thing curiously omitted is his right hand wrap. Mattel just paints it on his Elite figures, why didn't they do that here? Also logo is printed on the front of his trunks, but do not appear on the back. Is white paint that expensive?

The Heart Break Kid on the other hand is frozen in a perpetual "Sweet Chin Music" pose with one leg jutting into the air. His articulation doesn't allow for much of anything considering his kicking post. They managed to add his trademark tattoo on his left bicep, however it's simply printed in gray paint. Each paint leg is adorned with a red design, although I can't really make out what it's supposed to be. These images are nowhere near as elaborate as HBK's usual attire. The wrist wraps, like Trip's, are also sculpted out and painted white.

All in all, these aren't meant to impress since they're targeted at kids. Nitpicky collectors be damned! They do remind me of those old rubber, thumb-wrestling figures that had a hold in the back for you to stick your thumb in. In that respect, these are just barebones, playset-driven toys and can be as fun as you allow them to be. I'm in no hurry to build up a collection of these, however, Mattel's DCU Action League has already lured me in for 5 sets! Bastards...

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