Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WWE Legends, "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith - Review

Mattel's WWE Legends line has been one of my favorite action figure lines since it debuted in the Summer of 2010. I've collected most of the line and been pleased with nearly all of those figures, but that doesn't mean they've all been fantastic figures. Delivering action figures based on beloved, former WWE Superstars is difficult, to say the least, for many reasons, including: which era should the figure be based on, what accessories to include, what wave he should be released in, etc. The British Bulldog was a figure I was looking forward to, but turned out to be a figure I wasn't very satisfied with. Let's take a look.

Friday, September 23, 2011

WWE Defining Moments, Stone Cold Steve Austin - Review

Even though he's considered the most popular WWE Superstar of all-time, Stone Cold Steve Austin isn't known for having outlandish entrance or ring attire. However, that hasn't stopped Mattel from releasing different versions (albeit with minor differences) of the Texas Rattlesnake. Let's take a look at one of his most recent releases, from Mattel's deluxe WWE Defining Moments action figure line.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TFC Hercules, Exgraver - Review

Today I'm finally taking a look at a highly anticipated third party release that is the gateway to an unprecedented combiner robot fans of classic Transformers will surely appreciate. I've had him for a little over a month and he's a fun figure that promises TFC Toys' Hercules will be an awesome addition to the collection. Let's review: Exgraver!

The Buzz: WWE & Ghostbusters News

Hello, readers! I know it's been slow around here lately, but after the nearly two week stretch of steady reviews in late August/early September, I was kind of burned out. However, I wanted to take a moment to point out some interesting tidbits on two of my favorite action figure lines.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TF Parallax, Protector - Review

FansProject's Protector Armor was my first foray into the world of third party Transformers products and it really amazed me how cool an "unofficial" toy can be. While Hasbro has successfully revamped many classic G1 characters over the past five years, spread out in the "Classics" lines (Universe, Reveal the Shield and most recently Generations), they still haven't delivered the champion of the animated TF movie and subsequent season of the G1 cartoon: Rodimus Prime. Sure, they've released Hot Rod, or "Rodimus" if you're feeling randy, in a few of those previously mentioned lines, but they haven't produced a Primed version of the character. Their Classics Ultra Magnus had the same problem until FansProject stepped in and delivered a highly sought-after upgrade kit, making the simple, remolded Optimus Prime figure into the towering City Commander we all know and love. It was only a matter of time before they did the same for Rodimus Prime.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

WWE Elite, Drew McIntyre - Review

Proclaimed "The Chosen One" by Vince McMahon, Drew McIntyre represents the young blood in the WWE. I'm not impressed, but he seems to have a loyal following, albeit a modest one. It's rather appropriate that it was Vince McMahon's (the action figure, anyway) fault that I purchased McIntyre. Hunting after WWE Elite and Legends figures at Toys R Us in order to complete the foursome of UPC codes needed to send away for a free McMahon figure, I found DrewMac & William Regal. I figured McIntyre looked different enough to look good in my Elite display, plus I could review him for the benefit of you readers who are thinking of picking him up. Let's proceed!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Currently on Display: September 2011

Fall is here (actually, here in Miami it still feels like Summer) and the countdown to the holiday season has begun! I'm planning to start my Christmas shopping this month, but that probably won't happen, so I'll be in the trenches the week of the 25th, scrambling for gifts. Anyway, I've made two major changes to the display since last month and kept one shelf almost the same except for a new addition. Find out after the jump!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WWE Elite, Sheamus - Review

In his relatively short time in the WWE, Sheamus has proven himself capable of carrying main-event matches and holding his own in action-packed battles with the likes of Triple H and John Cena. Sheamus' first Elite figure immortalizes the Celtic Warrior during one of his WWE championship runs. Swarm to find out how it stacks up in line full of quintessential wrestling action figures!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WWE Elite, William Regal - Review

Whether you know him as Steven or William, Regal's been an integral part of the WWE for many years now. He's a wrestling purist and as such commands a certain respect among his peers. Although not known as a main-eventer, he's done plenty to deliver solid wrestling matches throughout his career in every promotion he's been a part of. Today we're looking at his first WWE Elite figure from Mattel.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

WWE Elite, John Cena (Series 3) - Review

This week one of KBH's Facebook followers requested I post a review of an Elite John Cena figure. Now, this may come as a shock, but I am not part of the "CENATION". I wouldn't say I hate him, but I don't like him. Inspite of being the WWE's "top" superstar, Cena's first WWE Elite figure didn't appear until the third wave of the series, but it laid the basis for his later figures. So that in mind (plus the fact it's the only Elite Cena I own) that's the figure we'll be reviewing today. Let's take a look!

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