Thursday, September 8, 2011

Currently on Display: September 2011

Fall is here (actually, here in Miami it still feels like Summer) and the countdown to the holiday season has begun! I'm planning to start my Christmas shopping this month, but that probably won't happen, so I'll be in the trenches the week of the 25th, scrambling for gifts. Anyway, I've made two major changes to the display since last month and kept one shelf almost the same except for a new addition. Find out after the jump!

This month I'm kicking things off with a look at the toys on my desk because I don't always feature it in CoD posts. This space is very limited so I usually have a few random items on display, keeping me happy while I type up reviews. Directly below my PC monitor I have a little Hot Wheels Batmobile collection. I don't collect HW's, but a couple of years ago my brother surprised me with the 1966 Batmobile from the TV series. It kind of lingered in a drawer somewhere until a few months ago when I found the Arkham Asylum version. Most recently I added the Batmobile from The Batman animated series. I'm by no means going out of my way to collect these, but if I encounter them at the store, I'm willing to part with the buck and a quarter they cost. I know Hot Wheel's had (has?) a Batman series that features slightly larger vehicles with more detail, but I ain't paying $9 a pop for those. Along with the AA Batmobile I also found Doc Brown's infamous DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. Couldn't resist that one, either. Aside from more Batmobiles, I'd like to add the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1, if I can find him in stores.

Displeased with the bit of open space on each side of the monitor, I placed the masked CM Punk holding up the WWE Title to the left and moved in classic G1 Optimus Prime on the right. If Prime looks a little different to you it's because he's been upgraded with BTS Toys' Matrix of Leadership accessory set. Look close and you'll see he has the Autobot Matrix inside his chest, he's armed with an ion rifle he can hold properly and he's sporting a jetpack! I'll make sure to post a proper review soon.

With G1 Prime moving to the desk and Classics Prime also being relocated, there was a lot of real estate that opened up on top of the display case. Perfect for my first ever Decepticon display!

[left to right: Scavenger (aka TFC's Exgraver), Skywarp, Ravage, Thrust, Soundwave (Cybertronian), Megatron, Dirge, Starscream, Ramjet, Thundercracker, Shrapnel (aka FP's Thundershred)]

Because I missed out on Transformers for several years, I've been scrambling to collect some of the older figures along with newer releases. So far, this is the G1 Decepticon I've been able to assemble. I thought of adding the Music Label Soundwave, but's expensive and I don't much care for his very blocky look. Plus, I really dig the War for Cybertron version, it looks mean and very aggressive, but has some nice G1-esque features. Lucky for me Ravage came with Classics Hound, so I have at least one of Soundwave's "pets".

Scavenger Exgraver is the first in a series of 6 robots that will combine into the huge Hercules robot (aka Devastator). Like many collectors I'm excited to complete this gestalt and he will finally deliver a version of Devastator that will be truly imposing on display. Of course, we won't have that in hand until Spring of 2012 as the second figure in the series, Heavy Labor (aka Long Haul) will be released this month and it will be a couple of months before the third figure arrives. That's not all bad considering these are expensive toys.

[l to r: Man-at-Arms, Man-E-Faces, King Grayskull, BG Teela, BA He-Man, Battle Cat, BA Teela, Vikor, Zoar, Lt. Klamp, Pvt. Goo-ru, Capt. Glenn]

Things still looking familiar on the top shelf. He-Man and his allies are prepared for battle and because he was a little light on back-up last month, Man-E-Faces shows up to help out. I wasn't going to buy MEF (I voted for his classic orange toy look), but felt that with all the talk of no more reissues in the MotUC line, this may be my only chance to add him. I'm glad I did because a fun figure and his secret accessory was pretty cool, too.

This month, the Evil Masters got the boot because wherever there are Decepticons, Autobots are sure to follow!

[l to r: Wheeljack, Hound, Bumblebee, Grapple (or is it Grappel?), Tracks, Perceptor, Jazz, Optimus Prime]

Autobots, roll! Oh, yeah! I had goosebumps when I arranged these guys on the shelf. These figures are great, they capture the nostalgia of the classic toys perfectly and I still can't believe I avoided them for so long. If some look different to you, it's because nearly all of them have received upgrades via Repro Labels decal kits. I'm really impressed with the quality of RL's work. Hound's stickers are beautiful, you have a couple of options with Tracks' kit and Jazz's custom combinations are nearly infinite. The Classics Autobots kit includes decals for Optimus Prime (truck) and a handful of other figures. I used the details for Inferno on Grapple since they share the same mold and I don't have an Inferno, yet. Prime's trailer features it's own sticker kit.

Finally, the third shelf is still occupied by Rodimus Prime and Kup, the latter of which will be receiving a new head soon. Since Megatron moved up to the top of the case, the opposite end of the shelf is now home to Orion Pax's best friend, Dion! This was the Transformers Collectors Club 2010 exclusive figure and is still available through the club store. I ordered him late last month with the hope of maybe seeing an Orion Pax figure released reusing the Generations Kup mold (just like the G1 exclusive did!). Dion himself is a remold of Hot Shot, so I don't think that idea is too far-fetched.

That's enough of me for now. Take care and don't forget to keep your displays dust-free!

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