Monday, October 17, 2011

The Buzz: NYCC

Hello from the Hive! I thought I'd check-in with an update and share some thoughts on the recent reveals and news items coming from this past weekends New York Comic Convention. I'll cover some items related to WWE, DCU, Marvel and TransFormers. Click ahead to find out more!

I didn't really notice anything new announced from Mattel regarding the WWE lines. They did showcase some of the "Legends" and "Classic" Superstars that will be released within the Basic, Pay-Per-View Heritage figure lines. Mattel also had the full WrestleMania 27 set on display, including "Road to WrestleMania" The Rock, which looks great so far. The first exclusive Legends figure, Andre "The Giant" was also in the case, but I was a bit disappointed they didn't have any other 2012 Legends on display. I was hoping to see a prototype or digital render of, at the very least, Diamond Dallas Page. I guess we'll have to wait until Toy Fair next Spring. You can see all the WWE stuff on display at NYCC here and here.

In the DC Universe, Mattel revealed the prototype Club Infinite Earths exclusive Metron with his Mobius Chair, which looks great. No reveals on the previously announced Poison Ivy, but I'm glad I decided to buy the subscription. They also finally revealed the wave 20, "corrected", Sinestro Corps Sinestro... I'll stick with my custom. Also, Larfleeze will finally be released! He's coming to retail in 2012 as part of the rebranded DC toy line. Surprisingly, Mattel didn't show off any DCnU figures. You can see what they had on display by clicking here.

Nothing new coming out of the Ghostbusters and Voltron lines. I didn't expect to see anything new from Voltron as they revealed the entire line-up at SDCC. I DID expect to see something new from GB, though, like a "close-to-finished" Dana Barrett as Zule, but no dice.

There was a ton of stuff from the Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends lines, which was very exciting. I'm glad to see Hasbro focusing on 6" figures again and they definitely be supporting next year's The Avengers with figures in that scale.

Hasbro also revealed some figures from the upcoming line supporting TransFormers Prime, which features a nice blend of G1 and Bayverse character designs. Except for the Decepticons, they lean more towards the Bayverse style. I was hoping for some news regarding the continuation of the Generations line of updated classic characters, but the closest they came was revealing that they will have toys based on the Fall 2012 Fall of Cybertron videogame. Am I they only one crossing his fingers for a Voyager Class Grimlock from that game? Man, he looks awesome! I'm sure we'll get a new figure, but I'm really hoping for a larger scale than the Classics Deluxe-sized version. The redesign of Optimus Prime looks great, too, and hopefully he'll be a Voyager this time around. You can browse over here and find images of the new stuff.

Lots of cool stuff to see, for certain, so make some time to check it out.

In the meantime, I'm working on a few reviews with Unicron's being first in line. I hope to have that one posted by the end of the week. Stay tuned!
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