Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Buzz: Transformers Prime & WWE Legends

Hello and happy Saturday to all!

Looks like 2012 is already shaping up to have it's own bit of action figure controversy. Apparently Hasbro cancelled the rest of their shipments of the Transformers: Prime "First Edition" series, at least in the US. WTF, Hasbro?! I've only seen Bumblebee, Starscream and Arcee in-store around mid-December. I skipped the Bumblebee because I already had the NYCC set, but I really liked blue Arcee and Starscream and was eagerly waiting for Cliffjumper, Bulkhead and Optimus Prime. I have yet to see those anywhere and I'm simply not willing (or able) to pay eBay prices for them.

The real bummer here is that the new(er) Prime figures already hitting England and a few other places under the "Robots In Disguise" series look like stripped down versions of the FE wave. They are significantly smaller and not nearly as detailed. I'm sad to say that it seems this line is strictly targeted to younger fans, but I'm perplexed on why they would invest in tooling the much nicer FE figures only to follow it up with new molds almost immediately. Truth is my toy budget is much less this year, so in a way it's a blessing that I can't get the FE figures and that I don't like the RID Prime figures, I'll be saving loads of cash!

In much better Transformers news, early reports from the London Toy Fair indicate that the "Generations" line will return later this year with figures based on the upcoming Fall of Cybertron videogame. Jazz was already announced and the line will feature at least 8 different characters. I'm just hoping for one thing, specifically: a Voyager-sized FoC Grimlock. Fingers crossed!

WWE fans, if you don't already now, the Legends line will make it's debut on this Monday (January 30th) with the release of Andre the Giant, a reissue of the SDCC 2010 "Ministry of Darkness" Undertaker and new, stackable display stands. This is the only way (except for probably RSC, at an inflated price) you will be able to buy new WWE Legends.

In Hive-related news, I finally completed TFC's monstrous Hercules figure (see available reviews here) and he is AWESOME! Look for reviews of the final two figures and then a review of the combined robot. Also, I received BTS' "classics" version of Soundwave, dubbed Sonicron, along with his "minions", Tremor (G1 Rumble) and Frequency (G1 Frenzy). I'm pleased with the mini-cassette figures, but Sonicron is a bit of a letdown. I also finally found WWE Elite 12 at retail and picked up Alberto Del Rio, Papa Shango and Kane in his debut attire. Reviews for those coming very soon!

That's pretty much the round-up for this week. I'm eagerly anticipating the New York Toy Fair next month to see what's coming down the pike this Summer.

Here's to good news!
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