Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Honeypot: January 2012

I don't know about you, but January kind of flew by! February begins tomorrow along with the countdown to my 30th birthday (17 days to go!). This year I wanted to keep better track of my toy-related purchases and thought it would be fun to add a new feature on the Hive where I recount my toy haul for the month. I debated doing this as a weekly feature, but decided it would be too much work (although they seem to have a good time with it over on OAFE). So instead I'll keep it on a 30-day schedule, linking all available reviews and eventually add a group shot of all the purchases. "SWARM" to see what came in this month!

2012 started off with a nice find as the final retail wave of Mattel's WWE Legends started hitting Toys R Us stores here in Miami. My two "must-haves" for the wave were Eddie Guerrero and Ultimate Warrior, but thanks to a $5 coupon, I picked up Texas Tornado, too. I'd like to eventually add the Von Erichs to the collection, but I'm holding out for some type of BOGO sale.

I quickly went over budget this month due to the unexpected release of the final Hercules figures by TFC along with a few other third party transforming figures. So, without further ado, here are the toys I bought this month, presented in the order they were purchased.

January 2012
1. Eddie Guerrero (WWE Legends Series 6)
2. Ultimate Warrior (WWE Legends Series 6)
3. Neckbreaker (TFC Hercules)
4. "Duel" (weapons for Hound & Ravage) (Dr. Wu)
5. Minions, Frequency & Tremor (BTS Toys)
6. Madblender (TFC Hercules)
7. Texas Tornado (WWE Legends Series 6)
8. Sonicron (BTS Toys)
9. Alberto Del Rio (WWE Elite Series 12)
10. Papa Shango (WWE Elite Series 12)
11. Kane (WWE Elite Series 12)
12. Andre the Giant (WWE Legends)

Well, that's it for this month, it doesn't seem like a big haul, but it was costly. February should be smaller considering I found most of the stuff I wanted this month, but I will be receiving my first Matty subscription toys via the Club Voltron Force sub. Until next month, happy hunting!
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