Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Honeypot: February 2012

Two up, two down! We're one day away from welcoming March already and you know what that means: time to look back at February and see what toys we hauled in, in this month's edition of "The Honeypot!"

Well, after talking massive amounts of trash last month, I have to eat my words because not only did I buy a couple of Transformers: Prime - Robots in Disguise figures, I bought them ALL! Yep, that "Powerizer" Megatron is to blame. He was just too cool to pass up when I found him at Walmart earlier in the month! Of course, you can't have Megatron without Optimus, so I had to grab him, too. Then it just snoballed from there; I found the entire first wave of Prime-RID Deluxes at Kmart and snagged Cliffjumper, Wheeljack and the much coveted Soundwave. I skipped Bumblebee because he looks horrible and I'm cool with the NYCC version I picked up last year. Coincidentally, I walked into the Toys R Us near my job last night and they also stocked the entire first wave, but had a "Buy 2, get 1 Free" deal, so I repurchased the aforementioned three Deluxe figures and will return them to Kmart for a savings of over $12!

I also further expanded my TF "Classics" collection with a couple of new purchases and a couple of older releases. First, the awesome Springer-homage by FansProject, Warbot: Defender! I snagged the new TF: United Rodimus Prime which looks fantastic with FansProject's "Protector" armor, the "Reveal the Shield" version just didn't hit the spot inspite of a phenomenal upgrade kit by Repro Labels. Also managed to pick-up the "Universe" version of Bluestreak off of eBay. I was originally interested in adding Prowl, but 'streak shares the same mold and he isn't white, which helps him standout a bit more on a shelf that contains Wheeljack, Jazz and Red Alert. And lastly, the TFCC-exclusive Runabout (renamed "Over-Run" due to trademark availability) which has not arrived, yet, but brought a shitstorm of controversy with it. I haven't encountered any fraud-related problems yet, however I seem to be in the minority.

February wasn't all sunshine and picking strawberries, though. My first Club Lion Force order arrived in the form of the Red Lion and his pilot, Lance (who wears blue on his uniform), and words cannot expressive my massive disappointment with these toys. However, I will try to relay it, in words, in my eventual review (coming soon?).

Two orders from Repro Lables, a pair of ThunderCats Classic figures and a couple of other things rounded out the month for me. Stay tuned for reviews on most of this stuff coming soon (except Red Lion & Lance, I don't know when I'll commit the time to write about those two...)!

February 2012
1. Rodimus Prime (Transformers: United)
2. Mumm-Ra (ThunderCats Classic)
3. Over-Run, aka Runabout (Transformers: Timelines)
4. Silverstreak, aka Bluestreak (Transformers: Universe)
5. "Classics" Grapple labels (Repro Labels)
6. "Classics" Kickback label (Repro Labels)
7. "Classics" Long Haul (Repro Labels)
8. Lion-O (ThunderCats Classic)
9. Red Lion (Voltron)
10. Lance (Voltron)
11. "Classics" Rodimus labels (Repro Labels)
12. "Classics" Springer labels (Repro Labels)
13. "Classics" Wheeljack labels (Repro Labels)
14. Warbot: Defender, aka Springer (FansProject)
15. Megatron (Transformers: Prime - Robots in Disguise)
16. Optimus Prime (Transformers: Prime - Robots in Disguise)
17. The Dark Knight 5-pack (Hot Wheels)
18. Cliffjumper (Transformers: Prime - Robots in Disguise)
19. Soundwave (Transformers: Prime - Robots in Disguise)
20. Wheeljack (Transformers: Prime - Robots in Disguise)
21. Edge (WWE Elite Flashback)
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