Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Masters of the Universe Classics, Starla - Review

G'day y'all.  Well, lookee here, another guest review by li'l ol' Novelty!  I haven't done these for ages and as I was opening up the Star Sisters 3-pack, I remembered back to another 3-pack that I opened last year and I thought to myself, well, why not repeat the experiment?  So here it is.  It's Females February over on Toy a Day, which is why I've just opened the Star Sisters.  The Star Sisters consists of Starla, their leader, Tallstar, Jewelstar and their pet bird Glorybird.  Now, it was a no brainer which one of these figures should be here on the Hive.  This blog has mainly been about rasslin' stars, so Starla should fit right in here... me thinks...

Starla is the leader of the Star Sisters.  She's predominately yellow, orange and reds and seems to share her colour palette with a shaolin monk.  She supposedly shares the 2.0 MotUC female buck and the waist twist is obvious, but there's some sort of error with the hip pieces.  Fortunately, she has a skirt which covers up that defect.  She has all the usual articulation - rocker ankles, calf twists, knee bends, hips, waist twist, neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists.  

Her head sculpt is completely new.  Her face seems nice and my copy has great paintwork.  The star tiara on her head seems a bit camp though.  Her hair is sculpted such that it flows over her back and it does not interfere with her neck twist.  Her skirt is made from soft plastic and seems good.  She has one accessory, a rather plain, but glittered translucent yellow star staff.

I'm not sure I like her though.  The stars from head to knee seems to be a tad overkill on her.  They could have maybe made the tiara removable and removed the stars on her knees.  Removing the tiara from her head would also make her look more 'normal' instead of the caricuturised version of the character.  The rest of her sisters has one star each, so I don't see why she should have five.

Anyways, the main review for this is back on my site.  Jewelstar's review is on A Year of Toys.  If you like this review, please head over there to read the other two related reviews.  And tell 3B that maybe he should throw in some females every now and then... especially in February!
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