Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Honeypot: March 2012

March is in the record books and that means it's time to review all the toy-related purchases for the month. This edition of the Honeypot is a couple of days behind schedule, so you'll excuse me for the retro-active posting. I thought my haul for this month would be relatively light compared to January & February, mainly because I also purchased the brand-new iPad this month. I only had four toy purchases halfway through March, but added 8 more during the final two weeks. Click ahead to see what the B brought in!

March 2012
1. Weapons Upgrade for Sergeant Kup & Perceptor (iGear)
2. Cody Rhodes (WWE Elite Series 13)
3. Ratchet (Transformers: Prime - RiD)
4. Arcee (Transformers: Prime - Cyberverse)
5. Optimus Prime, Legends Class (Transformers "Reveal the Shield")
6. Daniel Bryan (WWE Elite 12)
7. Jetfire (Transformers "Classic")
8. "Cybertron Mode" Bumblebee (Transformers: United)
9. "Growing Pain" Custom Kit a.k.a. Goldbug head & weapons (Beezleboss)
10. Arcee (Transformers: Prime - RiD)
11. "Heroic Age" Captain America (Marvel Legends)
12. Guzzle (Transformers: DotM - Cyberverse)

Well, you can see there was a whole lot of Tranformers love going on this month, especially some nice additions for the eventual Wreckers display. I was most excited about adding Jetfire to my classics collection. He was one of my favorite TF characters when I was a kid and finally having an action figure of the big guy is great.

Also, I was very excited to see two 3rd Party companies offering solutions to create a classics Goldbug, however I wasn't willing to pay the huge markup for a United version of classic Bumblebee. After a bit of web-surfing I found an image posted on the Four Horsemen's forum of all places where a fan added Renderform's "Gold Scout" head to the metallic gold-highlighted United version of War for Cybertron Bumblebee (Novelty's review is linked above). That fan noted that the head fit fine, however, it prevented proper transformation. I was too late to order the Renderform head, but snagged the Beezleboss version along with United WFC 'Bee from Big Bad Toy Store and the results were quite satisfying.

I originally picked up Daniel Bryan at my local Kmart. It's funny because I thought I wanted the TRU-exclusive, SummerSlam version, but seeing him up close made me change my mind. I was surprised to find the E12 figure at Kmart after passing on him a couple of times at Target before he disappeared. I was much happier with the face sculpt and paint apps on the E12 figure, but I still wanted his grey ring t-shirt. A quick search on eBay resulted in me purchasing him loose with the other figures t-shirt. He was missing the U.S. Title, but I didn't mind because I already had the far superior, vac-metal version of that belt thanks to The Miz. So I repacked my figure and returned him to Kmart after my eBay order came in. I'm aiming to have a full review up soon.

That's enough for this month. Hope you found all the honey you were looking for!

'Til next time!
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