Saturday, June 9, 2012

Marvel's The Avengers - Movie Review

Although the official start of Summer isn't for another couple of weeks, the Summer movie season is well underway with some major blockbuster releases and some major duds, too! I'll admit I don't frequent the cineplex as often as I used to, for the past several years I could count the number of films I watched in theaters on one hand. However, if there is a time of year that is sure to get me into the movie theater, it's Summer and I think that's true for many filmgoers.

I won't bother with a full review of the movies, but just share my thoughts and my overall opinion of a flick. I hate it when someone ruins a film by giving away plotpoints or specific reveals, so I'll avoid doing that as best I can. So let's kick things off with the Summer's biggest movie so far, The Avengers!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Currently on Display: June 2012

I don't know what happened, but April & May seem like a blur to me. I feel like the past two months just evaporated! Anyway, I believe it was late March when I teased an image of the then upcoming Currently on Display via the Facebook page, but that entry never came. Nor did it arrive in May. However, we're less than one week into June and I'm finally getting around to posting a new edition of COD featuring some toys that have been on display before and some that have never been displayed on any of my shelves!

Friday, June 1, 2012

WWE Legends, The Von Erichs - Review

When I reviewed The Rockers last year, I mentioned that they, along with today's review subjects, the Von Erichs, were originally slated for the second wave of Toys R Us-exclusive WWE Legends Two-Packs which was cancelled due to the first wave pegwarming so bad it can still be found at TRUs to this very day. The Rockers set remained intact, sold as an exclusive on Matty Collector, but Kevin & Kerry Von Erich were separated and slotted in with the final retail wave of single-carded Legends. The Von Erichs were a bit before my time and weren't really a huge part of the WWF, so I don't hold any nostalgia for them (except this version of Kerry) and wasn't in a rush to pick up these figures. I decided to wait for some kind of sale before buying them. In the months since Legends wave 6 was released a few BOGO sales came and went, yet I wasn't motivated enough to lay down the cash for these. It just so happened that last month the TRU near my job was having a massive clearance prior to closing down for remodeling. A week before they closed their doors, I finally went in and found possibly the last two Von Erich figures in the store and ended up paying $5.20 for each. Now THAT is a deal!

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