Saturday, September 29, 2012

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: "Young Alfred Pennyworth"

I almost missed out on this week's LoEB assignment, Young Guns, but inspiration, as it often does, came to me at the eleventh hour. The mission:

"In the spirit of Young Indiana Jones, Young Frankenstein, or Young Einstein, come up with a 'Young ___' prequel or series."

Here's what I have in mind...

Not knowing much about Alfred's past, but curious after Michael Caine's performance in The Dark Knight, I'd create a four-hour TV mini-series based on Bruce Wayne's trusted butler. It would introduce us to a young Alfred Pennyworth and his complex relationship with his father, a shopkeeper in a small English town.

The senior Mr. Pennyworth wants Alfred to become someone great. A scholar, or doctor, or other well-respected professional, but desiring a life of adventure and against his father's wishes Alfred joins the military. He becomes a skilled field medic, among other things, and eventually crosses paths with a young medical student named Thomas Wayne, who provides medical aid to a small village under attack by a ruthless druglord.

At first the two men dislike each other, but after an attack on their camp the men are held captive as prisoners of war. They concoct a plan for escape and successfully manage to evade their captors. In the process becoming the closest of allies. Thomas believes he is indebted to Alfred and vows to someday repay him for saving his life during their imprisonment. After thwarting the druglord, they eventually go their separate ways with Thomas continuing his medical studies abroad and Alfred working as a soldier-for-hire.

Several years later, Alfred receives word that his father was gravely wounded in a botched robbery attempt, but was saved by a highly-skilled surgeon. Upon returning home to see his father Alfred learns the doctor that saved the elder Pennyworth's life was none other than his old friend, Thomas.

He meets with Wayne, who tells Alfred about his plans to return home and aid Gotham City. He tells Alfred that he'll have a family of his own soon as he learned his wife is pregnant, however he fears raising a child in the gloomy city and for that reason is looking for someone he can trust to take care of his family as he works long hours. The two say their goodbyes as Thomas and his wife, Martha, board a plane enroute to the United States.

Speaking with his father, Alfred apologizes for not being there when his father needed him most. His father tells him he shouldn't be because he was living his life. Alfred tells his father that he questions himself and the choices he's made. He tells his father he didn't know what he would do when there were no more wars to fight. His father tells him "there will always be wars to fight, it's just your position on the battlefield that changes."

Alfred tells his father that for the first time in his life, he doesn't know where to go. His father looks at him and says, "Go where you are needed most."

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