Sunday, December 23, 2012

LoEB: All I want for Christmas is... EVERYTHING!

This week's assignment:

"The big guy is on his way! What's on your Christmas wish list this year?"

Well, I'm not going to bore you with some cliched response, but the problem with a Christmas list is who's doing the buying. My girlfriend says, in reference to my action figures, that it's too difficult to shop for me because I'm a collector and need to find a "perfect" copy of a figure... Okay, sure, I can be a bit meticulous in my purchases, but I pretty much handle all those purchases myself and she ends up buying something nice, but not necessarily toy-related.

So here's a list of stuff I want, with no regard for cost because it's a Christmas wish list after all!

In no particular order...

1. Transformers: Generations, Grimlock
2. TFC's Uranos, F4 Phantom (aka Fireflight)
3. WWE Elite 19, Shawn Michaels (Flashback)
4. WWE Elite 19, Miss Elizabeth
5. Transformers: Generations, Blaster
6. FansProject's Function-X1, Code (aka Chromedome)
7. TFC's Uranos, F-15 Eagle (aka Air Raid)
8. TFC's Uranos, SR-71 Blackbird (aka Silverbolt)
9. WWE Elite 19, Kane
10. WWE Elite 19, Dolph Ziggler
11. Transformers: Generations, Omega Supreme
12. Custom Championship Title Belt
13. WWE Elite 20, Christian (Flashback)
14. WWE Elite 20, Cody Rhodes
15. WWE Elite 20, Santino Marella
16. Marvel Universe, Professor X
17. Marvel Universe, Jubilee
18. WWE Hell in a Cell playset
19. Star Wars Vintage, Millenium Falcon

There are a bunch more toys I could list, but these are my primary wants. While I plan to purchase most of them and have preordered a few, some are very unlikely (custom title belt) in the near future. Anyway, that's my list, go see what other league members want!

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Apologies in advance to Leaguers not linked here, I had some PC issues at work and had to input the links manually one-by-one, so let me know if there's a bad link.
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