Saturday, February 16, 2013

LoEB: I love...

Geez, took me long enough! This week's league assignment:

Write a stream of conscious post listing the things you love and hold dear.

I'm going to keep this post toy-related because Thursday was Valentine's Day & my girlfriend's birthday, so I had my fill of "I love you" and chocolates and girly movies and whatever else...

I love toys!

I love cool toys... and some crappy ones, too.

I love robot toys and wrestling toys.

I love martial artist reptilian toys that live in a sewer.

I love toys of men & women wearing brightly colored costumes and saving the day.

I love to go to five different stores in an afternoon looking for the toys I love. And when I find them I love to walk to the cashier and pay for them and take them home.

I love to cut open the packages and pull out the toys and play with them and admire them.

I love to display my toys. On a shelf, on my desk, sometimes on a DVD case.

I love to organize them and store them in boxes until I'm ready to display them.

I love to show off my toys.

I love to talk about toys and share how I found them and why they're important to the collection.

I love to receive toys in the mail and I love to send them to friends.

I love that I love toys and I love how a grown man can be in love with something as simple as a toy.

And most of all I love that you are reading about my love of toys!

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