Friday, April 26, 2013

LoEB: Sleepover

As part of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers' discussion topic, Birthday Celebration, back in February, members were asked to include three ideas for future topics. One of my suggestions is this week's assignment: Sleepover!

You have the opportunity to spend the night at any residence in pop culture. Where do you go?

I'm pretty sure I had something in mind when I came up with the topic, but I can't remember what it was... There are so many places I'd love to spend a night at: the Baxter Building, the Fortress of Solitude, the Museum.

But what if I could visit someplace that is a temporary residence, where many people stay while on-duty...

How about the Starship Enterprise?!

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, to be exact, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. "Why", you ask? Well, for starters it's a spaceship! Imagine retiring to the guest quarters, getting into a comfy space-age bed, then looking out the window into the vastness of space. That is surely an amazing feeling.

Second, it's a F@&%-ing spaceship! Everyone on board is technically an astronaut AND they've been around the galaxy a few times. They have plenty of cool stories.

Thirdly, there's plenty of fun stuff to do. Take a tour of the ship, visit the holodeck and you know where I'll be hanging out before bedtime: the Ten Forward lounge!

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