Friday, April 12, 2013

WWE Elite Flashback, Miss Elizabeth - Review

Since Mattel's announcement in 2011 that a Miss Elizabeth figure would be coming, she's gone from a Matty Collecotor-exclusive, WWE Legends figure to a hard-to-find Flashback release in the regular retail, WWE Elite Collection series. And all this time we've just been chomping at the bit to display her with our Macho Man figures.

Well, the time has finally come and if you were patient, you were (ideally) able to find her at a store without the ludicrous secondary market prices!

Is she a worthy addition to the Elite line or an expensive accessory for your Randy Savage action figure? Prepare youself for some Mattel logic and find out after the jump!

Miss Elizabeth
WWE Elite Collection series 19 - Flashback
$16.99 (Target)

Liz is the second Diva (female) to be featured in the deluxe Elite series. But unlike the first Diva, series 17's Kelly Kelly, Elizabeth includes some added articulation over the Basic series ladies, specifically, the double-hinged knees that the male counterparts have. Do I agree with the Divas getting the extra articulation? Hell, yeah! Does it make sense that Mattel would add it on Liz and not Kelly? Hell, no.

That's Mattel logic for 'ya. Don't worry, it creeps in again later...

So, this is also Miss Elizabeth's debut figure from Mattel and as such features a new head. The crafty designers sculpted her earrings right into her hair, instead of having some small pieces dangling off the side of her head. Although the hair is molded in brown, the earrings have been painted silver. The face isn't spectacular. It looks like her, but I don't know if it's the skin tone that throws it off. She seems too tan to be Elizabeth. Also the neutral expression on her face, doesn't help. Why didn't they go with a smiling face? It looks like she COULD be smiling, but it's subdued.

Before I cover the body sculpt, I'll talk about Liz's one and only (although, uncredited) accessory: her dress. It's really nicely made. The material used is nice and silky and the edges have been stitched all around. The fluffy part around her hips is a separate piece stitched on to the main part of the dress.

I think the reason it's not mentioned on the packaging is because Mattel doesn't intend for you to remove it, but it is completely removable. It opens on the back, held together with velcro. Once you open it, just slide it down the figure's body and you'll see Macho Man's main squeeze au naturel...


Shame on you, you pervert. As you can see Miss Elizabeth's been given a "body sock" courtesy of an all-white paint job. Her body is basically made of previous Divas' parts, but she seems to have a new upper torso that is completely bare. I don't think that's been used before.

I think the design team may have even been able to borrow the upper legs, but from the knee down, Liz's legs are all-new for sure.

Like I mentioned before, she's the first Divas figure to feature double-hingled knees, however, she's probably the last Diva that actually needed them. Liz wasn't much of an in-ring performer in those days.

Another first for a Diva is the enclosed ankle joint, which the rest of the Elite line features (minus Kelly Kelly, of course. Liz's feet are new, too! She's sporting som high heel shoes to go with her fancy white dress.

The only paint used on Liz's body is white for her sleeves, body sock and heels. The lower torso and hips are molded in white plastic.

That's pretty much all there is to Miss Elizabeth. In true Mattel fashion, they made what is probably the most boring action figure ever into one of the most sought after  figures in the line. Why? Because of the major PITA it was to buy her.

When they decided to remove her from the Matty Legends line, fans were pissed they'd have to track her down at retail. As usual, RSC had her first and was selling (or at least trying to sell her) at $60 a pop! Later Mattel announced she would be available on Matty Collector, however, she was accessible to the "early access" scalpers subscribers and sold out before the day of the sale.

Brick-n-mortar's been hit or miss. Initially it seemed Walmart was only getting the "A" case assortment that didn't include Liz. She started popping up at Target stores first (where I found her), but eventually Walmarts started getting her, too.

In the end, if I had to pay more than retail (or retail plus shipping), I would have been really pissed off. She looks good next to Macho Man and I imagine that's the only reason anyone actually wants her. On her own, she's just very "blah." I can understand the temptation, but avoid spending more than $20-30 on her.

She's really not worth more than that.
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