Monday, July 29, 2013

The Honeypot: TV & Film Toys!

I've mentioned it before, but I've been really busy lately with a lot of "real life" stuff going on right now, not the least of which is the impending arrival of my second daughter. During my free-time I've tried to make my usual rounds and avoid missing out on any new toy releases in stores. Some of the new pickups in today's Honeypot have been at the Hive since the beginning of the month, but everytime I've planned to write a post, something else comes up.

Then to top it all off San Diego Comic Con came up last weekend and derailed my online schedule. No worries as the delays offered up a nice little group picture for this post. Let's get to it!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Buzz: SDCC NECA Reveals!

Mattel's WWE Elite reveals were easily my most anticipated of the show, but they didn't quite steal the show for me. That honor goes to NECA whose RoboCop, Predator and Aliens lines continue to impress. Jump ahead for my thoughts on their upcoming products!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WWE Elite RSC Exclusive, "Hardcore" Kane - Review

Well, it's about damn time! This one's been stewing for over a month now, so I think it's giving me enough time to really appreciate this figure.

Whether or not you think Kane is a great in-ring talent, you have to admit he's a great WWE Superstar. That means the character transcends his wrestling ability and even his achievements in the squared circle and is popular enough to push merchandise. And if there is one Superstar that makes for fantastic action figures it's Kane. His popularity is evidenced in this, his second Mattel WWE exclusive for Ringside Collectibles.

A lot of fans have been quick to judge this release and point out the inaccuracies, but after several weeks with him in hand, I have to tell you some of those issues aren't as bad as they'd lead you to believe. In fact, in a couple of cases, the design choices are for the better.

Take a look!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Buzz: SDCC Mattel WWE Reveals: Elite 23, 24, 25 & WM29!

I've been extremely busy the past several weeks which may be obvious do to the lack of posts lately, but if there's one thing that will compel me to post during my busy schedule, it's San Diego Comic Con reveals! And what a week for new toy reveals! Wow!

There's so much stuff to cover and so many different thoughts and feelings running through my head that I decided to break up my posts by brand/company to be as thorough as possible. Let's kick off with my number 1 collectiong line, Mattel's WWE Elite Collection!

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Honeypot: Blitz in the Bank!

This is the longest span of time between posts since the Honeypot reemerged as a weekly/bi-weekly feature last Fall. One month since the last Hp and I was surprised to see how little was featured in today's post. I kept going over my purchases throughout the month of June and couldn't help but feel like I was forgetting stuff.

Then it dawned on me... Pre-orders! I actually placed a few preorders that haven't come in, yet. One of them (DC Signature, Wally West Flash) has been sitting in my "Pile of Loot" at Big Bad Toy Store since late May, waiting for me to add a few more items before I hit that SHIP button. The other items, ordered on Mattel Shop, should be shipping in the next couple of weeks.

So while June may seem like slim pickings on the surface, the seeds are planted for future Honeypots. For now here's a look at what I picked up since my last post.

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