Friday, August 16, 2013

WWE Elite Flashback, The Giant - Review

WWE Elite series 22 delivers another legend of WCW/NWO for our collections, Paul Wight in his pre-Big Show persona known simply as the "Giant".

I've mentioned before that I was always a WWF guy during the "Monday Night Wars", but appreciate the relevance of WCW to professional wrestling sports entertainment history and I'm always happy to expand that part of my Mattel collection. The Giant also expands the NWO ranks as the third figure to be released from that faction.

If it wasn't for the revised Rock figure that includes the new WWE title belt also being in this wave, the Giant would easily be the most-wanted release in the line-up. Let's see how he turned out!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Star Wars The Black Series 6", Darth Maul - Review

Today I'm reviewing one of the first two figures I've purchased from the new six-inch-scale Star Wars line, Darth Maul. I know, I need another line to collect as much as I need another hole in my head, but after over a decade away from SW toys, swearing off the 3.75" figures, Hasbro has pulled me back in with 1/12 scale figures.

I'm not all-in on the line, though. My focus is on the "Original Trilogy" characters with a few exceptions, most obvious is Darth Maul. Some fans write him off as a throwaway character. Someone who was there to look cool, but not offer much substance. Some say the same about Boba Fett. Regardless of Maul's role in the films, he is visually appealing and is arguably the standout of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. So let's see how his figure turned out!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Honeypot: NECA Takeover, Star Wars 6" Debut & WWE Elite 22 Emerges!

I'll skip the usual "I've been busy" prattle and get to the good stuff right away. Another edition of the Honeypot and today marks the beginning of a new collection, Star Wars! Sure, SW has been around for decades and the toys have been available just as long. "What's so great about it?", you ask? Now they're being made in 6" scale! And they're fantastic!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Buzz: SDCC Mattel's DC, MotU & Ghostbusters!

Oh, Mattel.. Mattel, Mattel, Mattel. How can you be the same company that is responsible for my awesome WWE figure collection?

I know it's long overdue, but I still want to give my thoughts on more San Diego Comic Con reveals. This time I'm covering non-WWE Mattel reveals including DC Universe, Masters of the Universe Classics and even Ghostbusters!

You may already be aware of the (now annual) Matty Collector subscription saga and I certainly have my opinion on the matter based on my own experiences which I've shared in various Facebook posts and comments on other blogs/websites. However, Mattel managed to surprise me with some excellent reveals and I'm actually eager to get my hands on a lot of new product in 2014! 

Let's have a look.

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