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Mattel's WWE Entrance Greats line featured Basics-style articulated figures with elaborate costume accessories and musical display stands. The line was retired at the end of 2010 and replaced by the deluxe WWE Defining Moments series which featured Elite/Legends-level articulation, gold display stands & name tags.

The line initially ran through 2011 only. It was relaunched in 2014 with slightly smaller packaging and no longer included the stand & name tag.

WWE Entrance Greats (2010)
series 1
• Rey Mysterio, WrestleMania XX
Shawn Michaels (white "HBK" attire, w/ entrance suit), WrestleMania XII
Triple H, WrestleMania 22

series 2
Chris Jericho (Y2J, red barb-wire tights, w/ pants & shirt)
Roddy Piper (w/ t-shirt & kilt, bagpipes)
Million Dollar Man (black trunks, w/ tuxedo) [M$C]

series 3
The Rock (blue logos, w/ track suit), Royal Rumble '99
Undertaker (black gloves & grey boots, w/ hat & coat), Survivor Series '90

WWE Defining Moments (2011, 2014 - present)
SDCC 2010
Undertaker ("Ministry", w/ armor & cape), WrestleMania XV*

series 1
• Randy Savage (white & purple attire), WrestleMania VII
Shawn Michaels (white cowboy attire), WrestleMania 25

series 2
The Rock (purple logos, w/ pants, shirt, sunglasses & "Rock N' Sock" jacket)
Ultimate Warrior ("vs. Savage" attire, w/ coat), WrestleMania VII

series 3
Ricky Steamboat (dragon costume)
Triple H ("HHH" iron cross logo, w/ jeans, jacket & t-shirt)

series 4
Steve Austin (jeans, w/ "3:16" shirt, necklace, camo jacket & cap)
Undertaker (goth attire, w/ bat wings), Survivor Series '96

series 5
Bret Hart (black attire, w/ jacket, black visor & Canada flag), IYH: Canadian Stampede [WWE]
John Cena (black shorts, w/ dog tags, necklace, cap, shirt & jersey)[US & WWE]

Ric Flair (light blue trunks, w/ black & white robe) [WHC]

Hulk Hogan (W/ "Hulkamania" shirt, necklace & bandana), WrestleMania III [WWE]
Razor Ramon (purple gear, w/ vest & necklace) [IC]
• (tba)

* SDCC Undertaker predates "Defining Moments" series, but served as a preview of the line.
[ ] denotes championship title belt included with figure

Updated: 18th of Jan. 2015
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