WWE Title Belts

This page offers a guide to the title belts released by Mattel in the WWE Elite CollectionWWE Entrance GreatsWWE Legends and WWE Defining Moments series. Belts released in the "Basic", "Battle Pack" or similar series are not included.

The guide begins with current championship belts. The following links will jump to the "Retired Titles" sections of the guide. Reviews are linked when available.

Current Titles
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
• Brock Lesnar (E37)
• Seth Rollins (TRU)

Intercontinental Championship
• Christian (PPV2)
• Wade Barrett (E24)²
• Curtis Axel (PPV3)
• Big E (E32)
• Dolph Ziggler (E39)

WWE Tag Team Championship
• Kane (E22)²
• Daniel Bryan (WM29)²
• Roman Reigns (E33)
• Seth Rollins (E33)
• Stardust x2 (E36)

United States Championship
• The Miz (E9)³
• Daniel Bryan (E12)¹
• Antonio Cesaro (E23)
• Dean Ambrose (E31)∞
• John Cena (E40)

Divas Championship
• Kelly Kelly (E17)³
• Paige (E34)

NXT Championship
• Sami Zayn (E40)

NXT Women's Championship
• Paige (E34)

Retired WWE World Titles
Hogan '86
• Hulk Hogan (DM)

Winged Eagle (w/ black globe)
• Andre the Giant (LMC)
• Bret Hart (DM)
• Diesel (E16)
• Randy Savage (E23)

Winged Eagle
• Randy Savage (E23)**
• Bret Hart (WM30)
• Steve Austin (DM2)

Winged Eagle (w/ yellow strap)*

Winged Eagle (w/ blue strap)
• Ultimate Warrior (HoF)

Big Eagle / Attitude
• Steve Austin (RSC)
• Steve Austin (DM2)

Smoking Skull
• Steve Austin (RSC)
• Steve Austin (DM2)


Undisputed v2
• Brock Lesnar (RSC)
• Brock Lesnar (WM32)

• The Miz (E11)¹
• The Miz (WM27)¹
• Alberto Del Rio (E14)
• CM Punk (WM28)¹
• CM Punk (E20)
• John Cena "debut" (TRU)

Rated-R Spinner
• Edge (RSC)

Big Logo (OCC)
• The Rock (E22)
• John Cena (WM29)
• Daniel Bryan (E28)
• Daniel Bryan (PPV4)

Other World Titles
ECW World Championship
• CM Punk (RSC2)
• Terry Funk (E41)

NWO World Championship
• Kevin Nash (E16)
• Kevin Nash (RSC) "Wolfpac"

World Heavyweight Championship
• Kane (E10)¹
• Dolph Ziggler (E13)
• Mark Henry (E15)
• Sheamus (E17)¹
• Big Show (E22)
• Dolph Ziggler (E24)
• Alberto Del Rio (PPV3)
• Ric Flair (DM)
• Daniel Bryan (PPV4)

Intercontinental Titles
Classic IC
• Razor Ramon (DM)²

Classic IC (w/ light blue globe)

Oval IC (w/ purple strap)
• The Rock (RSC)

Oval IC (w/ black strap)
• Ezekiel Jackson (E16)¹
• The Rock (NoD 2pk)

Tag Team Titles
World Tag Team Championship "Classic"
• Arn Anderson (LMC)
• Tully Blanchard (LMC)
• Yokozuna x2 (HoF2)
• 1-2-3 Kid (E41)

World Tag Team Championship "Smackdown"
• Big Show (E10)

WWE Tag Team Championship "RAW" 
• Big Show (E10)

Other Singles Titles
Cruiserweight Championship
• Rey Mysterio (E32)
• Dean Malenko (E37)

European Championship
• X-Pac (E33)²

Hardcore Championship

United States Championship (Spinner)
• John Cena (DM)
• John Cena "debut" (TRU)

Women's Championship
• Trish Stratus (E24)
• Trish Stratus (HoF)

Unsanctioned Titles
Internet Championship*

Million Dollar Championship
• Million Dollar Man (EG)
• Ted DiBiase (E10)
• Million Dollar Man (HoF3)


¹ non-metallic version
² color/deco variation from initial version
³ oversized, later versions are smaller
∞ metallic paint finish
* belt pictured features after-market modification
** running change

DM = WWE Defining Moments
E# = WWE Elite Collection
EG = WWE Entrance Greats

Excl. = Unknow Exclusive/ TBA
HoF = WWE Elite, Hall of Fame (Target)
L# = WWE Legends

PPV = WWE Elite, Best of Pay-Per-View Series
RSC = Ringside Collectibles Exclusive

TRU = Toys R Us Exclusive
WM# = WWE Elite, WrestleMania Series

Title History resources:

Updated: 19th of March, 2016
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